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Stavroupolis in Xanthi Greece is the land of the ancient Dios, and, today, capital of the Municipality of Stavroupolis, hence the name which dates from 1920s. Stavroupolis in Xanthi is the largest and most important of the villages of Nestos river, in the prefecture of Xanthi and is build on the verges of Rodopi mountain range, with the last remaining virgin forests in Europe and Greece (Virgin Forest of Chaidou). The village is built on the banks of Nestos river, close to where the renowned Nestos Narrows and the Aesthetic Forest of the Narrows commence.

Here in Stavroupolis, where Nestos, the river of Life, peacefully flows next to the Traditional Settlement, is the home of the Stone-Built Traditional Guesthouse Villa “The Mansion” [“To Archontiko”]. A renovated mansion built in the 1920s, which was affectionately refurbished and brought back to its original state, but enjoys all modern facilities for your accommodation. It is built amphitheatrically in a landscape dotted with firs and spruces, walnuts and limes. It overlooks the river Nestos and the traditional village of Stavroupoli (the villages central square is only 5 minutes away on foot).Pantelis Theodoridis – “To Archontiko”

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To Archontiko
Family Ensuite
Σουίτα Οικογενειακή με έμφαση στην κομψότητα, άνεση και πολυτέλεια.
€100 - Per Night
To Archontiko Villa - Guest House , Xanthi
Double Room
Τα δίκλινα δωμάτια, σας προσφέρουν συνδυασμό αισθήσεων, παραδοσιακή σχεδίαση και σύγχρονές ανέσεις.
€60 - Per Night
a magical, relaxing Place to stay

Stavroupoli Xanthi

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